viernes, 1 de junio de 2007

Satan Commands

Satan Commands

Write: Uli Hildenbrand - 1985

Compose: Uli Hildenbrand - 1985

DeathCreature creeps around


Now the grinds her down
Cutting her legsBathing in blood

His knife in her cunt

He pulls out her guts

Satan Commands

TormentHe´s cutting off her breath

BloodlustHe rapes ´till

Betial Death
Groaning in lust

He cuts off the head

He´s breaking her bones

Then raping the dead

Satan Commands

With Blood

With Blood

With Blood

He draws the signs of hell

In the house of "God"He recites the words of spel
On the wall

Nice relic

Headless bodyCrucifixed

Satan Commands

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