miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2007

True Brutal Death Metal From Germany

The legendary fourth demo '86 of these CULT German black metal gods pressed on vinyl!!! And this is one of the best old-school black metal LP I ever have!!! This record was limited to 1000 copies and sold out immediately within few months after its release and to this date, this album was considered one of the most sought after rarity within the black/death metal circles. Yet the band was extremely under-rated during its existence since '82, releasing only demo tapes during the first wave black metal era when bands like Bathory and Sodom were already revelling in the amount of attention gotten on their albums. The first official exposure of Poison I believe was on the cult "Teutonic Invasion I" compilation, which features many cult German thrash bands like Violent Force, Paradox, etc. After Poison RIP, they reform as R.U.Dead which was still quite popular in the underground, but unlike the satanic hysterical worships during Poison's reign. According to Wim Baelus (the proprietor behind Midian Creations), the ex-axeman of Poison, Uli Hildenbrand expressed interest in doing this monumental masterpiece (the infernal coverart was also done by him) and it just happened, the unholy '86 recording became a reality on wax in '93! Every tracks here, from "Sphinx" through "Yog-Sothoth" and "Slaves (of the Crucifix)" to "Alive (Undead)" are pure classics of evil old-school black metal that Poison procreated in its own original style. For fans of classic teutonic metal like Angel Dust, Destruction, Sodom, Darkness,etc, Poison is simply too important to miss. Same goes for the "retro-maniacs" or vinyl freaks out there. But as a word of advice, take heed that this LP is not as easy to get as some deceiving mailorders might have suggested. Many of the local maniacs (and overseas as well) have told me that they've been ripped off by this xxx mailorder from Germany that offered this vinyl for a cheap price. I would not mention names 'cos the guy behind this xxx mailorder is supposed to be quite a respectable figure in the underground but I'll still drop a clue for you guys here to go figure. This guy did a cult zine that took its name from a Slaughter (CAN) song. So you've been warned!!!

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