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Swallow 5 balls real moral character to drop into abyss completely " door line unsettled case " without hinder rich force ascends a top
Heart pull Gan Ben field to receive the heaviest that " gift " come from young general Sun Ke, he is in the 25th minute horizontal stroke of right way bottom line is knocked first, secondary attack Ji Xiang lifts a record, be in again the second half mixes the 55th minute the 47th minute " Mei Kaier is spent " , terminative the be concerned about of the match. Of Shun day group two score a goal finally by foreign aids Nadalahe is monopolized.
"Go up horse " the dot ball that line of Guangzhou rich power depends on Daweidi 48 minutes advocate if field wishs to take line of Zhejiang green town, 4 rounds afterwards 3 get the better of to lose accumulate 9 minutes, the advantage that gets the better of a ball completely with surmounts group of constant of Guangzhou of the champion that defend crown, be in in numerous hill of the general view in exceeding 16 team is small.
Rich power group comes in this the 5th minute of organic meeting " make a good beginning " , lu Lin drives the point after the corner kick that go out is ferried by teammate, mat of one foot be high up in the air shoots the Xu Bo of follow-up, but soon the ball should enter a net to be attacked Jiang Bo do all one can by green city gate however. Although the whole of ball of signal of raise one's hand of rich force player already crossed door line, but the judgment expresses without place, through slow-motion time put also cannot differentiate and analyse. This ball can be become only " unsettled case " .
This field [url=]nike for cheap[/url] match is without green city team advantage, no matter be to accuse ball rate or shoot number to be in ahull, person of kick of the ill will after because fall down,Fabulixiao returns brunt forward is punished to fall by red shop sign, compensate of it may be said the mark is folded again arms.
In a competition that has at the same time, changchun inferior peaceful team advocate field is compared 0 small get the better of Shanghai Shen Xin team, integral rank rises to league matches the 4th, and surpass less. (new China)